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Cardano-TH is an efficient and secure Stake Pool allowing you to easily participate in the functioning of the Cardano blockchain. Our target is to build a community in Thailand, to give knowledge about Cardano blockchain to Thai people, and to become one of decentralized parts. Once we get % margin fee, which will be voted by community, and we will donate all of % margin fee to charities.

Stake Pool

Stake Pool

Delegate With

Your First method to earn more of Cardanos native asset coin is to delegate and stake your ADA coins using the Daedalus full node wallet available directly from IOHK's Daedalus website. Once at the site download the version that matches your platform Windows, Linux, or MacOS. Once the wallet is downloaded and installed on your computer please watch our video creating a Daedalus wallet which should provide all the information you will need to continue.

Your second option is the Yoroi Wallet by Emurgo. It is a web wallet and accessible via an extension on certain browsers such as Chrome, Brave and FireFox, There is also a mobile application for Andriod and Iphones mobile software and may be considered a tad bit better than the web based version. Web Wallet extension please go to Yoroi Wallets site the mobile app can be obtained from Google-Play or I-Tunes. Once installed check out the video on how to make a Yoroi wallet.

Ledger nano hardware wallet in my opinion offers the best security for your Cardano ADA coins, and now with Yoroi wallet offering staking from it's web wallet you can choose the pool of your liking versus being forced to select only one option. Daedalus wallet will soon offer staking and functionality with the ledger hardware device in the coming months with tons of other features planed in the future use with ledger and the Cardano ADA coin. We have a video related to staking with the ledger Nano device and if you need further aid.